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Moducab LAN/WANModucab LAN
Moducab LAN cabinets are designed to house all the LAN computer networking equipments. These cabinets are a must where vertical cable management is desired. Available in 800mm width, it is configured to hold 19-inch equipments with the help of two pairs of reducing cable channels. All cable management accessories are for neat dressing of LAN installation in open and closed form and are compatible on these reducing cable channels. Cable entry provision is both at the top and bottom covers with 35mm round cable entry points on gland plates which are duly protected from sharp edges by rubber grommets.

This cabinet is designed to draw cool air from outside ambient via the ventilation slots and exhaust hot air through the top with the help of exhaust cooling fans provision on the top panel. Highly modular by providing all side access for easy installation. These products can be easily bayed by removing side panels.

Moducab WAN
These are 19” cabinets specially designed so as to be modular and allow mounting of WAN equipments. The 19” cabinets with the help of Valrack range of accessories allow proper wire management. Used exclusively in data communication rooms, data center rooms these have become the defacto standard of the industry.

For larger communication systems as shown below where one or more telecom switches are required the Moducab™ WAN rack is a self contained unit incorporating power and cooling sub-systems. Our 42U height racks holds 6-7 switches separated in between by 1U fan modules, to prevent heat pockets in-between equipments. At the back of the Wan rack are two vertical cable channels which route all the cables from the ethernet connections at the rear side of the switch. This WAN rack is provided with two number vertical power distribution channels, thus providing N+I redundancy. The temperature in the rack and current of each supply is monitored to allow early identification of potential problem and possible failures.

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