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Outdoor EnclosureThe enclosures are of single skin design, constructed in 3mm marine grade aluminum and or steel and are used in communications and Telecom organizations. The modular composition of this range affords the design engineer a "building block" approach to network design.

Particularly used for micro cell base stations and microwave or broadcast repeater sites. These units offer a fully integrated solution to rapid deployment and service roll out. A compact, fully specified outside plant housing that may be customized as per specific applications.

Valrack has developed expertise in the thermal management of enclosures and have designed a retrofit table solution for some OEM outdoor plant units. These can be easily installed on-site without any disruption to service. The enclosures are weather resistant to prevent ingress of rain, snow, sand, dust, insects, traffic fumes and other foreign objects.

There are basically 2 types of outdoor enclosures: Single Door and Double Door.


  • Modular Design: The structure is modular and has exceptional load bearing capacity and optimum distribution of tensile forces during crane transportation.
  • Sealing: The proper sealing prevents seepage.
  • Canopy: This is provided to shield rains.
  • Mounting plates: Depth adjustable mounting plates are provided on studs.
  • Mounting strips: Vertical perforated mounting strips in the door provide for rapid fastening of cable harness, cable trunking and cover.
  • Cooling systems: The enclosures have fittings for cooling systems which provide cooling to equipments placed inside the enclosure.
  • EMC shielding: EMC shielding can be provided by the solid form of the total structure.


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