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Struccab LAN/WAN

Moducab LAN/WANStruccab LAN
This 23” cabinet is designed to accommodate mounting of 19” equipments. Cable management inside the cabinet is ensured by two specifically designed reducing channels. These cable channels fitted with sophisticated cabling bobbins give a “bobbin” effect to the extra loose cables inside the cabinet.

Designed modularity allows flexibility in field applications. Extensively used for LAN equipment mountings and data communication solutions these products are available in various heights, widths and colour combinations.



  • Direct Top panel fan mounting saves space: The fan can be mounted directly on to the top panel , thus the user gets an enhanced usable height of 1U.
  • Reducing channels along the height are fitted with cabling bobbins for cable management: Excellent cable management features which allow cables to be properly “tucked” and managed are possible with reducing channels. The bobbins along the channel keeps the cables free from “intertwinding”.

Struccab WAN

This 19” cabinet is designed to accommodate mounting of 19” equipments. Popularily, known as StrucCab WAN these are products suitable for mounting WAN equipments. Designed modular feature makes it easy to configure, build, access and “work on” the cabinets, simple and quick. Available in sizes ranging from 17U to 46U with various depths and colour options, these products have tested the vagaries of time and come out successful.


  • Functional cable management all along the height.
  • Direct mounting of fan on the top cover allows maximum height utilization.
  • Canopy fitted on the top cover prevents ingress of dirt, dust and water inside the cabinet.
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