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Struccab Serv

Available in sizes of 36U,39U and 42U these models have larger depths to accommodate all possible servers.Highly modular and robust these are used to house various kinds of servers like Dell, HP-Compaq, Sun, etc.


  • Offset mounting gives unlimited combinations for cable management at the rear end. The cables can be easily run through the vertical channels and are made to pass through the cable extender arm , which is difficult to organize in cabinets without offset facility.
  • Space utilization on the total footprint area is maximum 82%.
  • Mounting Rails : Are provided with square holes wherein cage nuts clips into these holes enabling easy mounting of the telescopic slides on the rack mount servers.
  • Keyboard tray : These are specially designed trays which are compact in nature and can hold the keyboard.
  • Ventilated top : This allows proper ventilation and prevents heat generation inside the cabinet.
  • Cable Management : The use of cable manager enables better cable management.
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