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The 2-Post Frame Open Rack is made of either strong and lightweight Aluminum (6063-T6 alloy) extrusion or 2.0 mm steel. Both 19” and 23” models come with heights ranging from 27U to 42U. These products have universal 5/8”-5/8”-1/2” vertical mounting hole patterns which allow mounting of 19” equipments. Multiple racks can be bayed with the help of Valrack baying kit. The top and side frames are provided with cable entry cut outs which allow effective routing of cables.

       Both the steel and aluminum models can be used to either fit 19” or 23” equipments. The units which can either be fitted on the floor or allowed to move are particularly well suited for networking and data transmission applications. Used in open accessibility lab applications, these products can be modified and customized with the help of Valrack accessories to specific user requirements.

Nets rack: The Nets rack has combined the features of the time tested “open rack” and also of the 19” cabinets. These uniquely designed racks allow users the flexibility of having an “all side access” of the mounted equipments. It is particularly well suited in data communications and networking applications where equipments mounted require “all side access” and have larger depths.

Organizer racks: Organizer racks fullfil economy large volume buyer’s needs. Finds utility in all major telecom exchanges for computer networking and telecom switch applications. These two pillar racks are basically used where security of the equipment is not a primary concern as to a secure location has already been provided where unauthorized access can be restricted. All sides access is also one of the major benefits which is one of the primary needs for using open racks.


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