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Wallmount Double Section

Wall mount double section

These products have a variety of mounting solutions for smaller networking equipments in areas where floor space is at a premium or at places like hostels, hotels or hospitals where one desires a floor wise distribution of the network. Typical networking equipments like routers, switches, patch panels, etc are well suited to these mounting arrangements.

These are used for networking applications where one desires security and accessability at the same time at the rear end of the equipment ValrackTM range of Double section Wall Mounts are a safe and practical solution. This versatile unit can be hinged either left hand side or right hand side and is shipped completely assembled and ready to use. The two rear hinges allow the cabinet to have a 180 degrees opening thus ensuring a better rear access.

Although the usage of double section can be achieved by using our Wall Mount - Flat pack range, where by one can get rear access of equipment by opening up the side panels

Side Access:
Based on a very modular concept this unique design combines very user friendly installations and aesthetic design. As the name suggests this range of Wall mount enclosures are focused on maximum saving of storage space during transportation. These units are supplied in a completely knocked down or fully assembled ready to use condition. Bulk quantity can be shipped in flat pack packaging to cut down on transportation cost.

  • Fast & efficient installation due to modular construction.
  • Create skeleton frame structure by bolting verticals to the top and bottom covers.
  • Fit the skeleton frame structure on to the wall by using the key slots on the rear verticals as a drilling jig. Symmetrical construction of the enclosure ensures fault free installation.
  • Populate the interiors.wallmount ISP
  • Lastly fit the quick release slam panels and front toughened glass door with the help of the spring loaded easy release hinges provided on them

Integrated side panel (ISP):
Integrated side panel (ISP) version range of Wall Mount products are designed with the cost effective and a practical solution outlook for a small network. Fabricated in sheet metal this unit is basically a fully welded unit. The light weight and robust frame is created by welding together both the sides to the top and bottom. The 19-inch equipment mounting angles are mounted at an offset there by liberating space on both sides for an obstruction free cable path for cables entering either from top or bottom and terminating on the rack mounted equipment. Ventilation slots provided on the side panels and the top & bottom covers provide an outlet path for the hot air. An addtion of a rigid rear door with special hinges to support opening of the front section.

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